Apostle Jones Band


APOSTLE JONES is a fearless CLEVELAND based band, on an electric, style-bending mission: powerful vocals, virtuoso guitar riffs and raw soul. Bringing out the spirit stomping gospel feels in Rock’n’Roll and the Soul/Blues. Cleveland, Ohio, USA

The soulful combo of blues and rock, is saucy, spirited and raw. Formed in 2018.

APOSTLE JONES formed in Cleveland, OH, 2018. Apostle Jones has found a groove that can uplift, challenge the status-quo of how you’re feeling and transcend the limitations of the cages we have put on ourselves. Long story short: they make music that feels good – sounds good – and lives with you long after the show.
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The name Apostle Jones was inspired by one of Mikey’s paintings, where a young faceless – abandoned warrior is depicted being visited by a ghostly saint. The creature from the center of the universe has a guitar and a message for the tragic hero, to go and fix yourself through music and help others boogie along their way. But do it with some damn style baby….
Peace, love and Soul.